Tanja Dear Design

Digital Marketing Consultant

Feeling like your business is more ‘blah’ than ‘ta-da’? Is the business thrill gone and your sales are now snoozing?

Don’t fret; it’s not the business—it’s a common detour.

You’ve been caught in the grind, working in your business rather than on it.

Time for a strategic pivot!

It’s time to rekindle your passion and watch as those digital sales sizzle. Say goodbye to the business blues and hello to a love affair with success.

How I Help

A swift (and friendly) kick to reinvigorate your drive and steer you back on course!

Here’s how I do it:

Audit, Analyse, Amplify

We audit and evaluate your current marketing moves.

Are they dazzling or are they just duds?

If they’re duds, we’d better start working.

Digital Marketing

We craft Digital Marketing and implement plans that are sustainable for your business.

Is your digital footprint as lively as a ghost town?

SEO-driven Websites

We develop websites that’s not just dressed to impress but is also SEO-savvy.

Watch as it works its magic, bringing you more than you bargained for.

seamless AI integration

Feeling like the AI train is leaving the station without you?

Jump on and unlock the full potential of your business through generative AI.

Hi, I’m Tanja…



Believe it or not, things weren’t always this rosy. Post-kids, my business was flirting with disaster, and I was this close to tossing my entrepreneurial dreams in the bin. But then, plot twist: I bet on myself. And just like that, the game changed.

I flipped the script, turning the magnifying glass inward, and with a mentor by my side, magic happened. My business, once teetering on the edge of disaster, transformed into a six-figure biz. And here’s the kicker – I now take holidays (outrageous, right?).

I now guide entrepreneurs out of the ashes of burnout and back into the bloom of success.

Let’s reignite your passion with SEO-powered websites and digital marketing magic that bridge the gap between your brand and its audience. Together, we’ll craft messages that don’t just catch the eye but also touch the heart, ensuring your brand not only looks stunning but resonates deeply.


Clients in

With two decades of experience aiding businesses Australia-wide, consider me an invaluable extension to your team (without the holiday pay)

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AI Training

Unlock the Future of Business Efficiency with Chat GPT Training!

Grab your spot in the ultimate Zoom Session Crash Course, exclusive to just 5 participants! This isn’t your average webinar; it’s an intimate, power-packed gathering where you’ll dive deep, learn fast, and emerge ready to conquer.